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Dagico has been developing software tools for 20 years. One of them is VARY, a comprehensive and high-performance management software program. Vary is fully operational in the sector of portable toilets for more than 10 years with everlasting functionality improvements. Intended for large or small companies we choose together the features that best suits your needs.

VARY follows up the management lifecycle in your company, from the price inquiry to the invoicing, through the picking and shipment of items and the receipt of the goods.

Key points

  • Android App for your drivers!
  • Drag and drop transport planning.
  • Google Maps integration for an automated delivery costs calculation.
  • Periodic maintenance planning for long term rental.
  • Integrated CRM.

Customer Testimonial

“Previously we used to rely on an old software which was far from complete. We decided to move to Vary because this software specialises in multi-site hire. It manages all sides of the hire business as well as routine maintenance. Speaking personally, I use Vary mainly for the statistics it generates. It provides me with a better insight into what my various branches are doing.”

Managing Director of WC Loc. (The french market leader of mobile toilet facilities).

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